How to create Facebook application and get the App ID And App Secret
Here we show how to create a Facebook application and get the App ID And App Secret. In this example, we are creating a Facebook application for use with our app for Android. But the creation of Facebook applications and connect to the Web site is not much different.
1.) Log in or sign up in Facebook and go to
2.) Click -> Add a new App
3.) Enter “Display Name”, “Contact Email” and Press “Create App ID”
4.) Press “Set Up” for “Facebook Login” item
5.) Select “Android”
6.) Click “I already installed the Android SDK”


7.) In section 3 “Tell Us about Your Android Project”: Enter “Package Name”, “Default Activity Class Name” and press “Save” and Press “Continue”


8.) In section 4 “Add Your Development and Release Key Hashes”: You can see how to generate key hashes
Please generate and enter you key hashes, Press “Save” and Press “Continue”


9.) In next sections “8. Add the Facebook Login Button”, “9. Register a Callback” and “10. Check Login Status” Press “Next” button
10.) Go to Settings->Basic and enter you data information^


11.) In topbar press slider:


12.) In dialog box “Make App Public?” Press “Confirm”


13.) Copy you “Facebook App ID” to file “res/values/strings.xml” (Android Project), constant “facebook_app_id” and change constant “fb_login_protocol_scheme”


14.) The “Facebook Login” setting for the Android app is complete. If you use the web version with the application for Facebook (for products: My Social Network, Dating App and QA Chat) – we continue to configure.
Go to section “Facebook Login -> Quickstart” and Click “Web”


15.) Enter “Site URL” and Press “Save”, also Press “Continue”


16.) In sections “2. Set Up the Facebook SDK for Javascript”, “3. Check Login Status” and “4. Add the Facebook Login Button” Press “Next”
17.) Enter you “Valid OAuth Redirect URIs” and Press “Save Changes”


18.) I recommend that you read this Facebook statement


19.) Go to “Settings->Basic”. Copy “App ID” and “App Secret” to you “” config file (change constants “FACEBOOK_APP_ID” and “FACEBOOK_APP_SECRET”)

How to create FCM project
This guide will show you how to create FCM (Firebase Cloud Messages) project for Android app.
2.) Click -> Add project
3.) Enter you “Project name”, click “I accept” checkbox and press “Create project”
4.) Press “Continue”
5.) Click Android icon

6.) Enter you “Android package name” and press “Register app”


7.) Press “Download google-services.json” and copy file to “app” folder in you project (see screenshot), press “Next”


8.) Firebase SDK is already added to the project, just press “Next”
9.) Step “Run your app to verify installation”: press “Skip this step” link
10.) Press “Gear icon” and select “Project settings”
11.) Click “Cloud Messaging”, receive “Server key” and “Sender ID”. Enter “Server key” and “Sender Id” to config file. In my Dating App, config file constants: GOOGLE_API_KEY = you “Server key”, GOOGLE_SENDER_ID = you “Sender Id”




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